Message From a Grateful Mom

Thank you so much. Forever.

Words will never suffice to thank all of you at NAMI Charleston Area who helped Jordan get their fair transcripts. I would say there’s no way you can know what you have done for my whole family except that it seems NAMI is made up of people who actually do know what you’ve done– what a difference you have made– because you have been there or love someone who has.

You have changed Jordan’s life. They can move forward without stigma with this incident serving as proof that they are a human being with rights that other human beings will help protect. They are not alone. What an empowering message. And how different from the one they could have graduated with “stigma is unshakeable. You have no rights related to your mental health. Nobody cares except your parents. You’re all alone.”

Helping Jordan is also the single most urgent means of helping our whole family. When Kelly Troyer called to tell me the wonderful news, her words were, “It’s done.” We can come out and survey the damage and imagine new possibilities and we can heal. “It’s done.”

Last Thursday I was pressing send on an email to NAMI Charleston Area as a last-ditch effort. I really didn’t know what else to do or where to turn and I was terrified at the direction this pressure was driving my child.

You were so immediately helpful and kind and empowering. Jordan didn’t believe me when I told them it was going to be ok now, but I knew I was telling them the truth when I told them there were people on their side and I wish you could have seen them that evening after Kelly called and told us “It’s done.”

Jordan has this dimple in the shadow of their smile that means victory. When they were little, it showed up when they beat their older brother at a game or knew they had an advantage. The force behind that dimple is behind years of dedicated academic work.

Wednesday evening I watched my child sitting in shadow by the fireplace– absorbing the news.  They had been skeptical when Kelly called, but we received the official news soon after that the bad mark had been removed from their transcripts. As they sat there keeping counsel with their own thoughts, that dimple sparked.

It is my hope that because of NAMI Charleston Area coming to Jordan’s defense, the school will seriously reconsider the way it handles mental illness and that more students will be supported into bright futures and not held back by outdated thinking in the educational system.

You have changed our lives.
Thank you. Forever.

So thankful for your intervention & kindness,

Grateful Mom


*Names have been changed or omitted to protect the family’s privacy.